Clinical research requires volunteers.

Why should you consider volunteering?

The answers provided here are based on answers provided by research volunteers at SEC Clinical Research:

  1. The investigational treatment may help me.
  2. Even if the investigational treatment does not help me, maybe information obtained from my participation will help others.
  3. I enjoy getting out of the house and trying new things.
  4. I have trouble affording medicines for this condition, and the investigational medicine may help my condition without costing me any money.
  5. I feel that my condition is very closely watched while I am participating in the research study.

At SEC Clinical Research, we never forget that every participant in all of our research studies is first and foremost a volunteer, and generously providing their time and accepting some degree of risk in testing novel, investigational treatments or medicines. We treat you with respect and courtesy. Snacks and beverage are available for all visits. Those participating in lengthy visits may also be placed in one of our extended stay rooms with its own television and bed for lounging and relaxing, and we will provide takeout food of your choice.

We are pleased to brag that most of our research volunteers at SEC Clinical Research find the experience sufficiently satisfying and enjoyable that they will sign up for additional studies after completing their first study. We do have to note that one can only volunteer for one research study at a time, and typically a second study can only be started 30 days after completing the prior research study.

Please refer to this FDA Brochure for additional perspectives and information on volunteering: