SEC Clinical Research, LLC Website Privacy Policy

This website is intended to inform the viewer about clinical research in general, as well as specific clinical research opportunities offered by SEC Clinical Research LLC. We also provide information about our staff and facilities. The descriptions are written to provide a broad overview of clinical research and are in no way intended as a comprehensive reference for the subjects discussed. Similarly, the descriptions of specific clinical research opportunities are general descriptions of research studies that may be of potential interest to the viewer. The specific clinical research descriptions within this website DO NOT provide a comprehensive description of the research protocol, potential risks and benefits, compensation, alternative treatments, and in no way are intended as a substitute for the Informed Consent Form. We encourage all potential research volunteers to use this site as a means of learning more about clinical research in general, and to learn if there are any active enrolling studies that are of interest. Please contact us to learn more about a specific protocol and arrange an appointment for a face-to-face meeting with our research staff to learn more.

Once a viewer contacts SEC Clinical Research using the email and telephone contact information provided herein, any and all personal information, including personal health information, is recorded, stored and utilized according to Good Clinical Practice and HIPAA policies followed by SEC Clinical Research. We do not collect or store any personal information directly within this website.

This site does not use any method of collecting personally identifiable information. We do collect anonymous information about viewership of the site as a whole, and individual pages, that is considered the property of SEC Clinical Research, and this information may be used for commercial purposes by SEC Clinical Research. No compensation is offered or implied for any information we may develop from viewership of this website, whether or not such information leads to any type of benefit for SEC Clinical Research.
This website is subject to modification(s) by third parties without knowledge or consent by SEC Clinical Research that could harm SEC Clinical Research, or viewers of the website, that will be referred to herein as “malicious modifications”. Malicious modifications could result in viewers receiving unknowingly receiving malware, viruses, cookies, or any other digitally transferred component that could lead to direct or indirect damages to the viewer. Malicious modifications may also change information within the website without the knowledge of SEC Clinical Research, and/or direct the viewer to other sites that could be offensive and/or harmful to the viewer. It is also possible that malicious modifications of this website by a third party, or unintentional and/or unrecognized malfunctioning of this website, could lead to damages of the viewer’s computer, tablet, phone or any other means of communication used to view this website. SEC Clinical Research will not provide any type of compensation to viewers for any and all damages that might result, directly or indirectly, from contacting and or viewing this website.