SEC Clinical Research Location: Andalusia


Andalusia is our home base, a small town in lower Alabama with the most recent population estimate of just over 9000, with 70% white, 25% black distribution. Andalusia has a single school system resulting in overall healthy race relations that might not be expected in the deep south, and has helped augment our recruitment of non-white subjects into our research studies. Since Rob Garver has satellite clinics in Brewton (46 miles from Andalusia) and Monroeville (60 miles from Andalusia), both of these areas have contributed significantly to our protocol enrollments.
The SEC Clinical Research Site (SEC Clinical Research – Andalusia) at this time is our largest and best developed site from a physical plant standpoint. An addition custom designed for clinical research was added in early 2015. Additional remodeling was completed in 2016 to add a full service kitchen and upgrade the administrative offices.

Key attributes are as follows:

  • Phase I capabilities – full service kitchen, extended stay rooms, subject lounge, across street from local hospital with full-service ER
  • Overnight capabilities – we have experience utilizing the facilities noted above for 24 hr and beyond research visits
  • 9 exam rooms full time research, 3 additional rooms available part-time
  • Large IP room with continuous temperature monitoring, remote data access and automated cell phone notifications of temperature deviations
  • Dedicated chart room
  • Total body plethysmograph
  • Spirometers, ECG machine, oximeters
  • Pharmaceutical grade -20/4 freezer/refrigerator
  • Dedicated laboratory with biosafety hood, refrigerated centrifuge, cytocentrifuge, scale, microscope, micropipets
  • ATS regulation walk track for 6 minute walk tests
  • Fiberoptic high speed internet with guest access for Monitors