SEC Clinical Research started with a primary focus on respiratory disease, particularly COPD. Almost 20 clinical research studies have been completed, or are presently ongoing at SEC Clinical Research in the past three years. We have performed Phase II – IV studies, several of these trials requiring overnight visits.

The following listing includes some of the procedures and tasks that we have performed beyond routine protocol requirements:

  • Pulmonary Functions: Spirometry, plethysmography, DLCO
  • Sputum collection and cytology processing
  • Genetic sample consents and collections
  • Administration of biologics
  • Bone density scanning
  • Ophthalmic examinations
  • Cognitive function testing
  • Ultrasound: renal, trans-vaginal
  • Mammography

In 2016, SEC Clinical Research made directed efforts to expand our therapeutic indications beyond respiratory disease by recruiting additional investigators, and opening our site in Dothan which has a much larger medical community than Andalusia. These efforts have been met with considerable success. As of mid 2017, in addition to ongoing respiratory studies, we have studies enrolling for:

  • Cardiovascular: CHF
  • Endocrinology/Metabolism: Type 2 DM, chronic kidney disease
  • Women's Health: Uterine fibroids, endometriosis

Our Andalusia site was remodeled this year to contain facilities that make us Phase I capable, and we are eager to attract Phase I clinical research studies. .

We are excited at the new challenges and experiences that lie ahead for us!