Core Values

Core Values

Mission Statement:

The performance of clinical research in a manner that always provides care and respect for our research volunteers.

Our mission statement is the foundation of the quality-focused company culture at SEC Clinical Research. We regard Sponsor Monitors/Auditors, and the FDA, as partners – not adversaries - in helping us fulfill our continuous efforts to excel in all aspects of our clinical research. We have a weekly meeting attended by Principal Investigators, and all research staff, that is used to update all of us on unexpected challenges, mistakes, and developing processes to avoid any repetition of mistakes. Critiques received from outside reviewers are reviewed by the group, and provide important opportunities for improvement.

Based on our high recruitment, we have been audited by Sponsors on multiple occasions without any significant findings. Our one FDA audit report acknowledged the success of our company culture without any significant findings.

Treatment of Research Subjects

Research subject safety and informed consent are top priorities at SEC Clinical Research. Please refer to our Mission Statement in the previous section.

We also recognize that research subjects are volunteering their time, and at times accepting some risk, by participating in our studies. In return, our staff treats all of our research subjects with a mix of respect and good old southern hospitality. We set our schedules to minimize or eliminate wait times, provide snacks and drinks, and we even have standard procedures in place to provide meals for any lengthy research visits. Most of our research subjects volunteer for multiple studies, so we must be doing something right.