Asia Dutton, RN BSN (CCRC)

Asia Dutton is an RN BSN graduate of Auburn University with prior NICU and OR nursing experience. She has worked more than three years with SEC Clinical Research and is our Lead Clinical Research Coordinator. Asia's research projects have included COPD, Chronic Kidney Disease and Women's Health.

Courtney Horn, RN BSN

Courtney Horn, like Asia, is a graduate of the Auburn University School of Nursing, and has previously worked Med-Surg Floors, and in the OR. Courtney's research projects have included COPD, Asthma, and Cardiovascular Disease.

Bobby Chambers, RN BSN

Bobby is the most recent addition to our talented group of Clinical Research Coordinators. She is a BSN graduate of the University of Alabama, and her previous work experience includes 10 years as a highly regarded critical care nurse. Bobby is focusing her talents on COPD and Women's Health.

Michelle Garver, RN BSN

Michelle is the primary Recruiter for our research protocols and works closely with the Principle Investigators and Clinical Research Coordinators to ensure patient eligibility. While Michelle's nursing experience is in critical-care and pulmonary medicine, she is currently enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Simmons College in Boston.